Retina Care Center
Eye is our most precious sense organ and many people fear blindness more than any other disability. Unfortunately, every year countless diabetic patients are becoming blind worldwide due to retinopathy, despite precautions and available treatments such as laser, injections in eyes surgeries etc.

Alternate & Unique Herbal Treatment


For the first time, after continuous research and experience of the last 20 years, experts of Sanjeevan Netralaya, Mumbai, developed an extra-ordinary Ayurvedic (herbal) treatment for diabetic retinopathy. This treatment unlike laser doesn't damage the retina. It not only restores the vision but it also prevents further vision loss. It repairs the damaged retina, improves its condition and protects it from further damage due to diabetes and saves the eye from permanent damage. This has created hope of recovery for patients throughout the World.

In the last ten years, thousands of patients have benefited from this treatment.


According to the 2007 National Heath Interview Survey, more than 200,000 Americans had used Ayurvedic medicine in 2006.
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