Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetic Retinopathy
Diabetic retinopathy is caused due to diabetes. It is a secondary complication of diabetes. After the treatment if you do not control your sugar levels there are chances of reoccurrence.
Retinitis Pigmentosa
Normally, in RP the rods are destroyed first and then slowly the disease progresses to the cones. Rods are responsible for dim light vision and if the cells of rods are totally damage then it cannot improve and if the cells are partly damage they may improve.
Yes, your children may also be affected by RP as it is an inherent disease but, not necessarily it may reflect in next generation.
Initially for 4 to 5 months the treatment is done. After that for every 6 months retinal evaluation is done and maintenance dosage is continued for a month as it is a progressive disorder and to stabilize the retinal condition, maintenance dosage is given every half yearly.
By this medication the formed bony corpuscles do not decrease but, it will prevent the pigments from future spread.
Glucomatons Optic Atrophy
Glaucoma is caused due to increase in intraocular pressure leading to Optic Atrophy and loss of vision. We can give medicine for the optic nerve and you need to continue the treatment for glaucoma.
If your intraocular pressure is not in control optic atrophy aggravates leading to decrease in vision so, your intra ocular pressure should be in control.