Optic Atrophy

  • Loss of Vision.
  • Visual field loss.
  • Pupil semidilated.
  • Direct light reflex very sluggish or absent.
  • Color vision and contrast sensitivity can also be affected.
  • Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Retrobulbar neuritis.
  • Leber’s & other hereditary optic atrophies.
  • Intra Cranial tumours pressing directly on the anterior visual Pathway.
  • Toxic amblyopia.
  • Tabes dorsalis.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Vascular(Ischemic) optic atrophy (gaintcell arthritis).
  • Consecutive Optic Atrophy.
  • Due to diffuse chorioretinitis, retinal Pigmentory dystrophies, Such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, pathological myopia and CRAO.
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